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Helpful Garden Resources: Articles and Videos

Article #1: Be aware of what could be lurking in your wood mulch! Info on Artillery Fungus:
courtesy of Forest Floor Narrative

Article #2: Understanding which Products are Organic and Why They are a Better Choice:
courtesy of

Article #3: Video: English Gardens, Fifty Shades of Green with Alan Titchmarsh:
courtesy of

Article #4: 45 Pollinator Friendly Perennials Sure To Attract Bees:
courtesy of

Article #5: Spring, Video: Alan Titchmarsh The Gardeners Year 1 Early Spring:
courtesy of

Article #6: Video: Creating a Vegetable Garden (gardening organically from Australia):
courtesy of

Article #7: Ornamentals: Be Informed Before You Buy: Nandina: A “Dirty Dozen” Plant.
courtesy of, by Sarah Coffey

Article #8: Monarch Butterflies, an endangered species, now facing "the edge of collapse".
courtesy of, by Li Cohen

Article #9: EWG's 2023 Dirty Dozen™ List, Chemicals in food you need to know about.
courtesy of, by Environmental Working Group

Article #10: Pesticides, Herbicides, Fertilizers, Oh My!, Lethal Chemicals in our food.
courtesy of, by Mark Hyman, MD

Check back soon. New articles will be coming!

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