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Raised Bed Gardens

Raised beds built from cedar make the perfect garden space for growing your own organic vegetables, herbs or flowers. Most raised beds are built 4 feet by 8 feet but can be built to suit your custom needs. Chemically treated lumber is not used for this purpose because the treatment in the wood will leach into the surrounding soil and then into the plants grown in the raised beds. All natural, untreated Cedar wood is used because it resists rot and insect attack.  It will also turn a light grey color over time protecting it from the sun and other natural elements.

Garden Soil

Organic Raised Bed Soil

Raised beds require a specific type of soil, one that drains well, is dense enough to hold moisture, and nutrient rich for adequate production of shoots, roots, flowers and fruits. Many companies produce soil specifically for raised beds. Look for the organic (OMRI Listed for organic gardening) label. Raised beds are mainly used to grow food and my philosophy is to grow organicly so we can eat the freshest, cleanest food possible. This will allow us to get to most health benefits out of our food.


Cedar 2-in x 6-in

Cedar wood will be used to construct your raised beds. Thick 2-in x 6-in lumber is used because it is strong and will hold the weight of the soil. This lumber will not break down like thinner wood sometimes sold in raised bed kits.  


Grow your own Food

Once your raised beds are built it's time to plant your crops.  It is up to you to decide on what plants to grow. The options are basically endless. When you are ready to buy plants, make sure you pay attention to organic labels. Seed packs and seedlings should be purchased with an organic label. Remember, the plants and seeds have to be organic if you are going to use organic methods to grow them.

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