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Garden Coaching

This is a consultation or meeting where you, the DIY gardener, can ask questions, learn about your garden and practice ‘How To’ methods to care for the space. We discuss your garden in it's current status, along with existing plants, possible pest issues, and the possible addition of new plants and gardens. Coaching is for all types of gardens and questions: ornamental tree and shrub care, pruning, perennial care/planting, annual care/planting, general landscape questions, lawn care questions, container gardening and even bonsai. If you would like to have a better understanding of your own landscape and learn how to take care of it, call or email Purple Leaf, let us know the general topic of your questions and start your DIY journey. 

Garden Coaching starts at $80 for one hour, $150 for two hours.

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Learn about Shrub and Small Tree Care

As with all plants within the ornamental garden, care is important. If you want to have plants looking their best and to keep the "wild look" from creeping in, there are some simple rules to follow. We will help you understand how to keep your shrubs and small trees healthy and in top shape.


Unearth Common Garden Pests

If you grow a garden, you will at one time or another, have pests. Pests come in all forms: birds, mammals, insects, fungus, bacteria and viruses. We will help you identify the symptoms to understand what pests, if any, may be causing harm to the plant or soil. There are natural remedies for most common garden pests.


Uncover the truth about your Soil

For soil tests, a few ounces of soil are tested to determine lime and fertilizer needs for what may be several thousand pounds of soil in the lawn or garden area. It is absolutely necessary to assure that the soil sample you send to the laboratory accurately represents the area sampled. We will help you take soil samples; the best time to do so is either spring or fall, when planting time is at its peak. It usually take 3-6 weeks for the county extention office to return the results. With this information, the soil can be amended properly and with organic principles in mind.

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