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Purple Leaf Landscape Design LLC

My name is Justin. I have a degree in Horticulture Science and Landscape Design; as well as a Master Gardener certificate. I am also proficient in woodcraft and enjoy making art which includes: painting, woodturning, designing and building trellises, garden benches, tables, birdhouses and more. My life revolves around being healthy, strong and organic. I do not like the use of man-made chemicals due to the negative effects they cause on our bodies and the environment around us. I believe in happiness, laughter and good health of the natural world. 

I started Purple Leaf Landscape Design LLC as a natural and organic horticulture and landscape design business. Purple Leaf works to establish a professionally designed, healthy, and chemical free environment by using unique plants, organic products and all-natural materials.

Purple Leaf Landscape Design LLC strives to make a positive impact on nature by encouraging native wildlife. Choose to create a beautiful, lush and diverse garden that both you and nature can enjoy. Contact Purple Leaf if you would like to beautify your space and help grow organic awareness.

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