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Ficus Bonsai

Ficus benjamina 'Too Little' - Root Over Rock

The Ficus is a tropical woody plant great for bonsai.

This is one of the newest trees to my collection as of winter 2021. To give you a quick background, this tree is a Ficus benjamina 'Too Little'. I bought it from a local nursery two week before Christmas. I was gathering different plants for a terrarium as a Christmas gift. It turns out, the Ficus tree was too large and also too interesting for a terrarium. So, it sat in my office and I decided to wire it to make a new bonsai. Then I had to finish the terrarium, so I went to the local pet store looking for rock accents to fit in the terrarium to accompany some succulent plants. I found this amazing stone that jumped out at me and said "I am just what you were looking for; a tree will grow within the crevices of this stone." I didn't know at the time how I was going to use the rock but I knew that it spoke to the designer side of me.

Turns out, the rock is called Ohko Stone or dragon stone from Japan. Even more perfect! Now I knew this little tree had a home. I stared at this rock for about 3 weeks (Can you picture it?). Then I decided to come up with a plan to plant the Ficus tree on it and place it in the most perfect pot. Yes, it will take time to grow but with some care, it will grace my garden for many years. I bought the pot from a really nice artist and ceramicist on Etsy. His shop, if you are interested is: He is from Ukraine. Update: Sadly, his store had to be put on hold due to Russia invading Ukraine. Keep all those people in your prayers!!!


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