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Order a custom hardwood charcuterie board for family gatherings and parties. These boards are made from quality woods: hard maple, cherry, and black walnut. I hand mill and create custom pieces that are stunning to display on their own and make even better serving trays for your guests. They are protected with a 'board conditioner' made of allergen-free walnut oil and beeswax. You can display your favorite hors d'oeuvre or side dishes for your next gathering on one of these custom, natural and handmade pieces. (When serving meat, I suggest using a parchment paper square to protect the board.)

Charcuterie Board, Custom and Handmade (price varies by size)

SKU: 217537123517253
PriceFrom $90.10
  • Each board is made of quality hardwood and is meant to be used as a serving tray and never to be “cut on” like a cutting board. These boards are made to order and will be acclimated to their new environment as a brand-new form. When wood is milled or cut, planned and glued-up, they take on a new shape and thus the "new wood" needs to acclimate, meaning, get used to its new form and environment. Once this happens, the bord is "finished" and then conditioned with Walnut oil and Beeswax for final completion and should not warp or move.

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